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Indiana to Publish Raw Milk Safety Standards

Indiana will be adapting new standards for raw milk production, if the state decides to legalize the product.

Indeed, the Indiana Board of Animal Health (IBOAH) has until December 1, 2012 to give recommendations on raw milk policies to the Indiana Assembly.

A virtual public hearing was conducted between June 1 and Sept 1 this year. They received over 600 comments in support of raw milk. Due to this turnout, IBOAH has shared the report request by Indiana Legislature with the Governor. With the ample support, IBOAH will now include a “Plan B,” which will include adapted standards if raw milk is legalized.

IBOAH spokeswoman Denise Derrer stated, “[w]e’re basically creating a Plan B and submitting to legislators to tell them if you decide to legalize the sale of raw milk, here is the way we think it should happen.”

Indiana would join the state of Wisconsin in these new regulations. Wisconsin came up with very specific regulations making raw milk safer (if the state decided to legalize raw milk). These measures included testing for disease, plate count, somatic cell count, coliform bacteria in well water, and testing of pathogenic bacteria. In addition, Wisconsin wanted on-farm sampling, incident plans, and regulations for raw milk containers, such as labeling requirements.

Indiana was close to making raw milk legal earlier this year. Instead they opted to go with an outside advisory report. Indiana is ranked the 14th largest diary state by milk product. Notably, since Wisconsin adopted raw milk safety regulations, no raw milk bill has passed in the state legislature.

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