So, here we go again. Thinking about food rather than eating it. But, that’s okay.

Because helping food companies decrease the risk of potential litigation, finding the real source of an outbreak (when it does occur), helping a faultless company avert a crisis, working to extract an innocent food producer from a stray investigation, or simply proving decisively before trial that a food-borne illness claim lacks all merit, is well worth the small sacrifice of delaying a meal.

For nearly a decade, we have worked nationally with food companies and food safety professionals preventing litigation, managing outbreaks and defending claims.

During this period, we have observed (first hand) what really happens inside our processing plants, grocery stores and restaurants, and are here to proclaim, without hesitation, that we are proud to eat the food you make. Additionally, while our food safety system may never be perfect, it is extremely well suited to identify problems when they arise, to encourage quick and effective solutions, and to help ensure that our food supply remains one of the most plentiful, affordable and safest in the entire world.

Thank you for a job well done!

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